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Video Game Conventions Are The Hearth Of The Game Design World

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Video Game Conventions

Video Game Conventions

The video game design business gets bigger every year. As people become more and more into gaming, the number of companies in the business increases. Of course, certain video game design companies among them are more competitive than others. And they want to show off their latest game titles and the technologies they developed.

In order to showcase their latest works, these video game design companies organize video game conventions at certain dates. In large meeting halls and fairs, companies gather and execute some presentations and conferences. Video game enthusiasts follow these conventions to keep up with the video game world. But it is not only the enthusiasts and players who follow the events. Video game companies themselves also follow these conventions to learn from other companies.

Since they started in the 1980s, video game conventions are the main events for announcements in the video game design world. For video game design students, these video game conventions carry more importance. These events inspire students in many as well. Also, there are opportunities in these events for meeting with the famous names in video game design world in person.

Let’s have a look at the biggest video game conventions;

The Biggest Video Game Conventions

E3 / Electronic Entertainment Expo

Electronic Entertainment Expo is a trade show that started in 1995. Today the expo is referred to as “E3” and it is considered as the biggest event gaming world. Companies in the video game design business see E3 as the best time to announce their latest game titles and hardware. In fact, many of the biggest names in the business hold their announces until the year’s E3 convention to reach larger numbers of audience.

Although E3 is not publicly open for gamers, it allows indie game designers to showcase their work to bigger companies and the press organizations which will spread their names to gamers.

You can find more information about E3 expo at;

D.I.C.E. / Design, Innovate, Communicate, and Entertain Summit

Started by Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, D.I.C.E. aims to improve the interactive entertainment forms such as video games. In the association of the biggest video game companies, D.I.C.E. stands an important position for all game designers.

Even though D.I.C.E. requires attendees to pay a somewhat high price to enter, once you got in you get access to many special benefits and opportunities.

You can find more information about D.I.C.E. at;

GDC / Game Developers Conference

Back in April 1988, Chris Crawford as a well-known video game designer gathers 26 game designer in his living room to discuss the details of their profession. This meeting started an annual event that is known as the Game Developers Conference or GDC today.

Nowadays, GDC is one of the biggest events in the video game world. Biggest technologies in the gaming market are being announced in this conference. Many indie game designers find opportunities for collaboration here.

The video game convention also features many courses for learners and video game design students. For students of video game design topics, GDC even offers some discounts.

You can find more information about GDC at;

For More:

If you are also a beginner in video game design business or a student in the topic, video game conventions will give you many lessons you will need in the video game design as well as a massive boost in motivation. These events can even provide you with some opportunities to make an environment for yourself in the business. So, we definitely recommend you to follow up with the video game conventions if you want to get in the industry.


Video Game Conventions Are The Hearth Of The Game Design World