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Video Game Design Careers You Can Choose

Video Game Design Careers In the early years of video game history, there weren’t a lot of options in terms of video game design careers. In those old days, video game designers used to do all the work in the game...
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Good Examples to Designing Learning Games

Learning Games Examples Everybody who is interested in game design probably already knows the importance of learning games in both the education world and the game design world. These games are classified as “Edutainment” in the business. Although some people still...
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Video Game Design Software for Game Designers

video game design software In the earlier years in video game design, developing games required designers to learn complex programming languages good enough to create a foundation platform even for just to start realizing their game design. Students of video game...
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How The Biggest Video Game Designers Started?

Video Game Designers All game enthusiasts have an iconic gaming moment they cannot forget. The moment you got your first Mushroom in Super Mario, or the first time you jump through a portal in Portal game or your first raid in...
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Motion Controls in Video Game Design

Motion Controls “Motion controls” as in controlling games with body motions was a distant concept in the early years in video game design. Although there were some prototypes, technology was limited. Then in the year 2005, one of the biggest video...
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Indie game developers powered by mobile gaming

Indie Game Developers Ever since smartphones became the primary type of cellphones, the way we see our phones changed drastically. PDA phones and the later generations of cellphones, which are today known as smartphones, allowed users to install their own chosen...
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Indie Game Development for Independent Career

Indie Game Development In the earlier years of video game history, professional game design studios were the only names that can accomplish success in the video game market. Independent or Indie Game Design Studios didn’t have a place in this market....
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Educational Video Games: Edutainment

Educational Video Games After personal computers became wide-spread devices, many teachers and video game designers have seen the potential of educational video games as learning material. Since video games are much easier to attract interests, especially for younger ages, this idea...
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A guide website for those who want to gain and pursue a career in the Video Game Design industry.

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